Restoring Your Trust In The Legal Profession

Steps To Take If You Have Lost A Case

If you have had an adverse outcome in a lawsuit, and you believe your attorney was negligent or careless in the preparation of your case, you want an experienced legal malpractice lawyer to protect your interests. You may be at a loss as to what to do if you have lost a case and may be reluctant to trust another lawyer.

The attorneys at Catafago Law Firm, P.C., in New York City bring 20 years of experience to businesses and individuals who have suffered financial loss due to attorney malfeasance. The firm understands the uncertainty you can feel regarding what steps to take to address legal negligence and the breach of trust you feel when your attorney fails to follow the standards of the profession. The firm has worked hard to build a reputation for honesty and integrity, helping to restore faith in the legal profession.

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Protecting Your Interests After A Lost Lawsuit

The lawyers at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C., recognize that few people know what to do after losing their case or other assets because of attorney negligent or malfeasance. They will assist you throughout the process, from the request for all records from your former attorney through trial, if necessary. They understand a reluctance to be confrontational with your former counsel and will act as your intermediary, working directly with your prior lawyer to get full disclosure first and then and fair compensation for any loss you suffered.

The firm will exhaustively investigate the facts and circumstances of your case, looking for those things that your lawyer could and should have done differently. The firm will seek your input to identify concerns regarding the way the case was prepared and presented.

Take Your First Steps Toward Making Things Right

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