Restoring Your Trust In The Legal Profession

Types Of Legal Malpractice In New York City

When you retain the services of legal counsel, you expect your attorney to comply with rules of professional responsibility and to use a standard of care commonly accepted within the profession. When you suffer financial loss because your lawyer acted negligently or carelessly, or worse still, with malice then you can initially feel at a loss regarding how to protect your rights.

The attorneys at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C., in New York City understand your concern. A solid attorney-client relationship is built on trust. A breach of that trust can be devastating. The attorneys at our firm have worked with victims of legal malpractice for 20 years. The firm has a strong reputation for integrity and honesty, working hard to rebuild your belief in the legal profession.

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Our Firm’s Legal Malpractice Services

The attorneys at our firm, represent individuals and businesses in all types of legal malpractice claims, including cases involving:

  • Legal fee violations. The firm protects the rights of individuals and businesses that have been wrongfully billed for legal services, including instances of over-billing, billing for unauthorized services, charging for nonlegal services, and the misuse or abuse of retainer fees or escrow funds.
  • Professional ethical violations. The firm’s attorneys handle cases involving failure to comply with ethical requirements, such as conflicts of interest, negligence, billing or fee violations, failure to file or take appropriate action in a transaction or litigation and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Conflict of interest cases. The firm represents clients who have suffered financial loss because an attorney served competing interests.
  • Violations of the statute of limitations. The firm’s lawyers handle all situations involving the failure to file, from complaints to motions to briefs to real estate and corporate documents.
  • Failure to inform clients. A lawyer must keep clients fully informed of all developments.
  • Lack of knowledge or experience. A party may also have a claim for the lack of competence displayed by an attorney who takes a case with no knowledge or expertise of the law involved.

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