Restoring Your Trust In The Legal Profession

What You Need To Know About Legal Malpractice

When you have lost in litigation or on appeal or had a transaction fall apart, you may have a claim for legal malpractice. You would want an experienced lawyer to review the facts and circumstances of your case, one who knows and understands the law and process, who has protected other victims of attorney malfeasance.

The Catafago Law Firm, P.C., in New York City has handled legal malpractice claims for individuals and businesses for 20 years. The firm understands the breach of trust that can occur when your legal counsel has failed to properly protect your rights. The attorneys at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C., place a premium on honesty and integrity in legal representation, working hard to restore your faith in the legal profession.

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The Essence Of A Legal Malpractice Claim

A legal malpractice action is essentially a case within a case. To have a claim for attorney negligence, you must first show that your lawyer failed to meet the minimum standard of care acceptable within the practice of law. This can be demonstrated by any of a number of careless acts, such as:

Even if you can show that your attorney committed legal ethics violations or engaged in other wrongful conduct, you still cannot recover compensation for legal malpractice unless you can show that you suffered financial losses as a result of the malfeasance.

Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in successfully handling legal malpractice claims. They are committed to holding other lawyers accountable for wrongful conduct that causes financial harm.

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