Restoring Your Trust In The Legal Profession

Lawyers And Conflicts Of Interest

When you hire legal counsel to protect your rights, you expect that your lawyer will place your needs above the concerns of other parties. In fact, attorneys have an ethical obligation to avoid any conduct that places the interest of one client of the attorney above the interests of the same attorneys’ other clients. Such an act is considered to be an unethical conflict of interest. A client is entitled to a duty of undivided loyalty from his or her attorney.

When you have suffered financial injury because your legal counsel has engaged in a conflict of interest, you want experienced legal malpractice lawyers to protect your rights. The legal malpractice attorneys at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C., have protected individuals and businesses throughout the New York City metro area and Long Island for 20 years, handling all types of legal negligence claims, including conflict of interest. The firm’s lawyers understand the breach of trust that occurs when your attorney violates a professional responsibility requirement. They have dedicated themselves to providing legal representation with integrity and honesty, working to rebuild your confidence and trust in the legal profession.

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When You Have Suffered Loss Because Of A Conflict Of Interest

The attorneys at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C., handle any type of claim involving injuries caused by a conflict of interest, including cases in which:

  • The attorney has a personal relationship with any other party in a transaction or litigation or with anyone who might have an interest in the outcome of a legal matter.
  • The attorney previously or currently represented an opposing party.
  • The lawyer is representing both sides in a dispute or legal issue.
  • The lawyer has a personal stake in the resolution of the matter.

Our legal team has extensive experience protecting the rights of businesses, including partnerships and corporations, in situations where legal counsel has engaged in a conflict of interest. This can happen when the attorney owns stock or some interest in a competing concern or when another party to a transaction or litigation is a former client.

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